Preferred treatments usually take around 1.5 hours.  The initial session will take extra time to review personal history and set treatment expectations, so please schedule at least 2 hours.  I am however also offering a 60 minute session now, which follows the same flow but has less time to address issues in the same depth.

You will need to fill out a client intake and consent form, which Nicole will review with you prior to the first treatment.

There is a general flow that Nicole follows.  Clients start on the treatment table in prone position (on the belly, face-down) and mid-way through you will turn into supine position (on your back).  If however a position is not possible for you, Nicole will adjust her treatment to accommodate you and together we will find the most suitable way.

First the pulses are taken and the tongue examined, as both assessments will aid in directing the treatment, concentrating on particular points along the meridian lines. 
When supine, there will be a hara (area between bottom and sides of ribcage and pubic bone) assessment, which will also give an indication of what organs are functioning in excess or deficiency.

Pressure will be applied to your body depending on its responsiveness without force, but there may be certain areas that will feel achy or painful, depending on what is going on.

Treatments are a collaboration between the practitioner and the client and any discomforts should be communicated, as they will give additional information and so Nicole can adjust pressure accordingly.

Sessions are fully confidential and you can feel safe and feel free to share anything that is going on in your life.  - 

Since Chinese Medicine addresses the body and emotional aspects alike, there may be times, when an emotional response is triggered - and it is good.  It will help your body and mind in processing what it needs to achieve balance.

During the treatment the client's energy moves "inward," often resulting in you feeling cold in the periphery.  This is expected and blankets will be provided, as needed.

After a session you will be asked to consume additional amounts of room temperature water than on a non-treatment day.

Soothing meditation music will play in the background of the treatment room.

the cost per 60 minute session:           €65

the cost per 90 minute session:           €75

payment method:         cash

clothing recommendations:  

Loose fitting or stretchy clothing (no jeans preferably)

You will be asked to remove all jewelry, belts and bras to allow the body expand fully and without exterior interference.

Are there things you can do at home?

Nicole may inform you of light exercises or stretches that you could do at home that can help with overcoming an ailment you are experiencing. She may also share beneficial dietary and/or herbal information with you.

This information is provided as recommendations and you can use the advice at your discretion.