About Nicole Bachel

·       Diploma from the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia – Whole Health Shiatsu – August 2008                and subsequently started her Shiatsu practice under Green Dao of Health, LLC in the USA.

·       Training in Qigong since 2004

·       Teacher of Qigong and Self-Care routines entailing stretches, breath exercises, self-acupressure             points, moving and seated meditation

·       Training in Martial Arts since 2003 (holding Shodan in Shurite-Shaolin Karate)

·       Austrian and American Citizen – preferred languages English and German - however, in reality,               no verbal communication needs to occur in order for the practitioner to treat a person.  - As long           as a client is able to fill out the Intake and consent form, the practitioner will use it and                                   assessments taken before each treatment to direct the bodywork required.